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Rose Film Wax Block - ItalWax

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Rose Film Wax Block 500g


1. Preheat wax for working temperature of 45degree

2. Treat depilation area with alcohol-containing lotion to degrease the skin and remove residues of cosmetic products

3. Apply small amount of talc

4. Apply with spatula a thin layer of wax regardless of hair growth direction but toward you, leaving a small "lobe" which will be  later used as grip (aim to perform armpit depilation in one application)

ATTENTION! Do not rush during application, press spatula thotoughly with necessary force

5. Wax will harden in 5-6 seconds, during this period wax will catch all hair completely ( when touching, ready for removal wax should not stick to the hand)
6. Preliminarily stretching the skin in direction opposite from the tear-off, remove wax with fast movement away from yourself and parallel to the skin;
7. Repeat procedure at the next section
8. Upon completion of depilation treat skin with soothing, cooling, oil-free product.


Is an improved hot waxes option. They contain special rubber ingredients that provide wax with its new properties and visible advantages comparing to the classic hot waxes
  • Film wax has lower melting temperature (42-45 degrees), therefore excludes any burns
  • Film wax hardens slower, therefore the time of thermal effect of hair follicles softening is longer and painfull feeling are reduced
  • Film wax completely deplicates the relief of depilated area, catches all hairs close to the skin surface and only after that become solid
  • After removal film wax does not leave any broken hairs
  • Film wwax is applied in thin layer not more than 1 mm (the usage amount decreases in 1.6 times)
  • Film wax does not break during removal
  • wax in tablet is convenient if it is necessary for cosmetologist to calculate exact amount of wax required for one or more procedures (one brick for armpit amd deep bikini)


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