PhiBrows Marker Pen - White

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3/64 Kenmore street, Newlands road, Newlands, Wellington 6037.

Eyebrow measuring ruler designed for Microblading and Eyebrows Cosmetic Tattoo. 

This tool helps to measure the right placement of the beginnings and ends of brows.

Durable and bendable clear plastic, allows for maximum visibility and precision.

Dimensions: Approx. 20.7 x 3.5cm


Phi Marker Pen made of extremely precise tips designed for marking exceptional fine micropoints on the skin before various procedures.

It can also be used in microblading and PMU, to mark the skin areas in order to achieve high precision of your work.

The pens are very useful in microblading, due to the fact that all points remain marked with this pen after wiping the pigment. The points of the marker can be removed after treatment with PhiWipes.

Color of the mapping marker: white

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