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iRelax StarBowl Spa Pedicure Chair

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Features of massage chair top

  • Arms can be lifted up for easy in and out. Optional trays
  • Single handle key pad remote control and LCD screen
  • Electronic forward / backward, recline and incline
  • Reliable control box system with multiple programs  
  • Replaceable leather covers of back,seat and pillow 
  • Shiatsu massaging back with tapping, rolling, kneading 
  • ​Vibrating  massaging seat with comforable high quality cushion
Features of the base
  • Side windows for easy to fix chair onto base 
  • Foot rest can be lifted up as well as go down up to the evels
  • Single handle cold / hot water faucet with certificated cartridge
  • Adjustable engineered stone or PU black foot rest for choices
  • Light button controls both the pipe less jet and water lamp
  • LED water lamp that can be changed into varieties of colors
  • Shower - spout for water inlet and sprayer head for cleaning
  • 101 magnetic pipeless system with DC 24 V brushless motor

Magnetic pipeless jet

The magnetic jet brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the foot spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 
  • Detachable cap cover ( impeller, housing) for easy clean  
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool system 
  • DC24V brushless motor with UL/ CE certificated
  • Motor auto off if tank without enough water inside
  • Motor auto off  if jet nozzles was blocked 
  • On/ off button continue flash if motor off work
  • Computerized control box with 30 minutes timer built-in
  • Easy detachable motor housing and motor for after services 

Benefits of engineered stone bowl

The engineered stone (artificial stone) consists of particles added to resins, looks like ceramic, ideal for kitchen countertops. It is durable, beautiful and easy to care
  • Attractive -- finished surface are very hard with colorful sparkles 
  • Acetone Resistant - surfaces won’t easy got damaged by acetone.
  • Easy Cleaning - surfaces won’t easy stains . Clean and maintain surface with mild detergent and soft sponge only
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