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Fabulash Black Pearl PMU Machine

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Detailed Product Description

Product Name : Fabulash Pearl PMU Machine

Feature : Permanent, Zero Noise, Fast Speed, Stable Needle

Material : Stainless Steel

Gun Type : Electric

Speed : 10000rpm-25000rpm

Needle Type : 1RL, 3RL, 3RS, 3F, 5RL, 5RS, 5F, 5SF

Input : 220/110V AC 50Hz 8W

Output : 5.3V DC 400mA MAX

Place of Origin : China

Usage : Eyebrow,  Lip,  Eyeliner

Color : Black

Characteristic : Easy-Operated

Packing Weight : 1500G/Set, About 2kg/Set

Packaging Details : Packing with box

Suitable Needles: (Needles Recommendation)

Eyebrows lines : 1 RL 0.18mm(super thin line, nano needle), 1RL 0.3mm, 3F
Eyebrows shading : 1RL 0.5mm, 3RS, 5RS
Eyeliners : 1RL 0.3mm, 3RL
Lips : 1RL 0.3mm for Contour, 5RS, 5F, 5SF for Surface

  -Fabulash Pearl PMU Machine Kit-  
   2 x Handpiece
   1 x Power supply
   1 x Connect Code
   1 x Practice Skin
   5 x 1RL 0.3mm
   5 x 3RL 0.3mm

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