Cosmetic Tattoo Training with Master Judy Nguyen

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Get in the eyebrow and lip cosmetic tattoo training with Master Judy to get full support on your journey from day one to a skilled permanent make up technician.

Difference between microblading and cosmetic tattoo, what is the best training course for you

They are similar in terms of both being cosmetic methods for imperfect eyebrows, lips or eyeliners. By implanting pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin, they generate a semi permanent makeup effect that is expected to last 12-18 months. They are also alike in the treatment process and the post-treatment care.

The difference lies in the micro-pigmentation techniques used. Microblading, often used to treat faint eyebrows or no eyebrows, is a technique using hand-held micro-blades to create hair-like strokes that follow natural eyebrow hair direction. With the ability to mimic eyebrow hair, microblading skill enables technicians to create natural fuller brows and leave a lot of room for them to be creative with sophisticated eyebrow designs. 

On the other hand, cosmetic tattoo often refers to the technique using tattoo machine and needle. Unlike microblading, cosmetic tattoo can be used for eyebrows, lips and eyeliners. Imagine waking up everyday with these already in the make-up look, just like you’ve been penciling in your brows, drawing your lash-lines and putting lipstick on for hours. That’s what cosmetic tattoo can do, a make-up look that lasts. Eyebrow cosmetic tattoo is also referred to as powder brow tattoo. It is better than microblading in the way it can fix old-tattooed brows that turn blue or grey. With this technique in hand, you can also think of shading over microblading eyebrows for a beautiful combination eyebrow pair.

As a technician or salon owner, understanding what each technique would bring, you can figure out which one is currently in demand by your customers. Your own interest should also be taken into account. Apparently it’s truly handy to have both in hands to expand the service area and be able to deal with every request. At VNZ International Nail & Beauty School, we offer the cosmetic tattoo training and microblading training in different levels. This article is about the basic training in machine eyebrows, lips techinique as a combination course, with Master Judy, one of the best trainers in New Zealand. We also offer these as separate course, more details can be found HERE

Powder eyebrow in the cosmetic tattoo training

Benefits for students who take the cosmetic tattoo training with Master Judy Nguyen

A perfect course for beginners: This is basic training for beginners who are new to the permanent makeup and have never used tattoo machine before. Master Judy will teach you the cosmetic tattoo technique that allows implanting a high concentrated pigment into the skin with an outstanding result:

  1. Transparently

  2. Superficially

  3. Very natural shape 

  4. Very natural colour

  5. Without significant trauma

Best trainer in the industry: With working experience in thousands of customers of different skin types and with specialised expertise in dark lip neutralisation, eyebrow correction, stardust eyeliner tattoo, Master Judy Nguyen has a lot of secrets to share. She has trained many top semi-permanent artists around New Zealand and Australia. Her focus is achieving the best-healed result, which is the core value that customers want. Check her beautiful works HERE

On-going support: What sets us apart is that we try our best to take care of our students to give them the confidence they need. Understanding that starters who are new to the industry might get difficulties after the training, we have 6 months of online support for them to get back to their Master everytime they need consultation. While practice is the key, a dedicated and supportive teacher to guide you through your first steps is also of equal importance.

Practice on live models: You will be practising on three provided models, one for eyebrow tattoo, one for lip tattoo and one for eyeliner tattoo with the strict supervision of Master Judy.

Small class, higher personal instruction: Our cosmetic tattoo training class is designed to the maximum of four students so you will get a better catch-up. Based on each student’s experience level, we recommend a training program that suits. For similar techniques, one might need to be in the training longer than the others. We also offer one-one-one training. Please contact us for a consultation.

Content and structure of the cosmetic tattoo basic training in eyebrows and lips

This is a four-day full time basic course, for beginning level students who have zero or little exposure to cosmetic tattoo.

Times: from 9:30am to 5pm everyday.

Day 1-2: Training in powder brow cosmetic tattoo. 

Day 3-4: Training in lip tinting cosmetic tattoo

All of our training courses include two parts: theory training and practice training

Theory Training

Client consultation

Hygiene and workplace set up

Colour theory and correction

Machine, needles and how they work

Shape designing

Practising on latex

Practical Training 

Watching demonstration on live model by the trainer

Practising on latex & live model

 Lip tinting in the cosmetic tattoo training

Tools you need for the cosmetic tattoo training

A kit is provided, ready for permanent make up treatments, however, you can choose not to go with the kit and bring your own gear to the training. This is an example of a kit for the combination powder brow and lip cosmetic tattoo training. It can be customised to your need.

  • -  1x PMU machine (1 year warranty)

  • -  2 boxes of needles

  • -  4 x Latex: 2 with frame, 2 without frame

  • -  1x Compass

  • -  3x PMU pencil (black, white, red)

  • -  1 brow map string, 1 box of brow measure sticker

  • -  100 x Pigment cup

  • -  1x Pigment cup holder

  • -  2 x Hand-piece wrap

  • -  1 x Clip cord cover

  • -  9 x Eyebrow Pigments

  • -  6 x Lip Pigments



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