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11 things that annoy nail techs - 11 điều làm thợ móng nổi cáu


1. Taking so long to choose nail polish/ Chọn nước sơn quá lâu

This is number one nightmare for nail technician. Customer standing in front of your colour racks for ages to choose nail polish beacuse she does not know what colour to choose. Meanwhile, you are so worry about upcoming appointments. In this case, you should step out of your desk and finish the "waiting game" by happily ask the customer to see what colour she is thinking about? what outfit will she wear or if she having her nails done for what occasion?


2. So demanding/ Đòi hỏi đủ thứ
" I am in hurry. I want to be served fast, pretty and cheap". You remmember a principal that you just choose 2 in 3 requests and apply them. The customers who are so demanding and want it all is likely to complain so you have to be wise to deal with them.
3. Play Blaming game/ Không chịu nhận lỗi
Gel polish looks like it was peeled off by purpose after few days or acrylic nails were broken, crack...but customer swears that it was not her fault. As an professional nail technician, you should know exactly what caused but instead of arguing with the client you explain to her that "If you try to peel the polish off, it will affect directly to your nailbeds. And by the look of it, I know exactly what cause of it".
4. Try to file her own nails/ Tự giũa móng
When your customer pull her hand back and say "My nail shapes are not straight. Give me your file then I can file straight myself". In order to file nails straight, even and pretty, it requires high techniques and it is more difficult if client's nails are not beautiful. In this case, you should take a deep breath to calm yourself a bit. Stop for a moment to look around all nails and ask the customer something like "How straight would you like? I can shape them for you?. You won't let the customer to do your work as everyone around will look and question about  your experience and competency.